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The Samsung investment in Vietnam

To the credit of Vietnam’s higher education and university graduates - not only Samsung, but many other international businesses are entrusting their R&D activities to Vietnamese: IBM, Panasonic, Yamaha, Bosch, GE, HP, LG,

The Samsung investment in Vietnam grew since 2008 to almost 20 billions now and with it, more business and technology transfers follow.Starting in 2012, the 300-million R&D Global Center in Ha Noi or the Samsung Vietnam Mobile R&D Center (SVMC), now houses 2,600 Vietnamese engineers and greatly contributes to its latest product roll-outs. Last year, a 2nd R&D Global Center and the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia, was established in Ho Chi Minh city - Samsung Ho Chi Minh Research & Development Center (SHRD), for cutting-edge technologies for use in household appliances and electronics. No doubt, technology transfers are happening especially, with the Samsung commitment to sources 70% of materials requirement from Vietnam-based suppliers by 2020!

Samsung will recruit more Vietnamese employees and develop electronics in smart cities in Bac Ninh province and other places, according to a statement posted on the government’s website.Samsung is the largest foreign investor in Vietnam and accounts for around a quarter of the country’s total export revenue

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