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We encourage you to support Innovations & Technical Services through gifts made to the Annual Fund or to a specific project that is meaningful to you. Opportunities exist to sponsor students, to underwrite the Orientation program, and to make gifts to grow the Innovations & Technical Services endowment.

Significant gifts can be named to honor the donor or an individual important to the donor. We need contributions for school facilities such as Softball fields and tennis courts. Vietnam is a developing country with little recreation to offer the students in rural areas. Think about having a baseball field named after you or your company.

We need donations new or used baseball equipment, cheerleader uniforms and baseball uniforms for our project baseball in Vietnam We need your help to start the team organization and bring this wonderful game to so many underprivileged students. There is an age-old question about whether sports build character or reveals it. The answer is “usually, neither.” Softball contributes to building character in a softball team. When coaches, parents, and other mentors focus on character education. Participating in softball it tends to reveal character through the ways children accept success and failure in the normal course of a game and season.

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