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Development for At-Risk Youth

Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable populations in rural and urban Vietnam. As many families in Vietnam live below the poverty line, the additional costs of specialized care are considerably high. Children with disabilities are the least likely to attend school and to have access to medical services. Inaccessible public infrastructure, cultural attitudes towards those with disabilities, and a lack of financial assistance from the government all contribute to their exclusion.

Innovation and Technical Services is reaching out on behalf of 10 year old Lisa and her family living in Vietnam. Lisa is handicapped and has never attended special needs school or special-needs programs . With your help we and others like us will support Lisa and her family to bring new Hope that Lisa will be able to attend a special education program. It is important that she receives special medical and educational support.

Special Needs Programs provides children with disabilities access to education, health and rehabilitation services and a shared educational and recreational space that contributes to individual empowerment and supports them to build a better life through proper education and training through the Special Needs Education Programmers. We cooperate with many specialist organisations to bring early intervention and other physical/mental support to enhance the the abilities of children .

To enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children living with disabilities and disadvantages. Our hope is that all children of ability or circumstance are able to actively participate in their community and experience all the joys that come with being a child. Every child deserves the opportunity to live, laugh, and learn. Our focus is to provide health, wellness, and educational programs to under served children who are disadvantaged or have special needs.



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