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Now Is the The Time to Learn Another Language!! Language is the foundation of culture.

Its not food.

Its not clothes.

Its not going out to the American takeout or the place round the corner for some Chinese food.

‘Culture’.Its language.

Its language that spearhead the rise of great empires. Its language that helped facilitate the spread of information and acted as a doorway for new experience, and ultimately answers to confounding problems.

Its language that can help bridge the divide across the generations, races, and genders. Why leave your Skill at only one Language? We’ve talked several times about finding a common language to branch out from. Even when it comes to languages of different industries and sciences.

There’s a lot a person can take from just the exercise of learning a new language in order to explore different cultures, But what’s the point in knowing a common language when you don’t use it to explore new ones? Look what you’re missing out on. Looking through the world, its very small view to just look at it through only one language. Its like you living at home all day.

Make a gift of culture to an underprivileged student.

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TAX ID 82-0614983 Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible. IELTS for Success!! Project Vietnam Its 2018. Learning a New Language has Never Been Easier.

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