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Vietnam is projected to be one of the fastest growing aviation markets in Southeast Asia over the next 10-20 years. Particularly, with the ASEAN Open Skies policy being in effect since January 2015, which allows airlines to fly freely throughout the ASEAN member states in a unified air transport market, and with Vietnam joining several free trade agreements (FTAs), the passenger and cargo air transport in Vietnam will have more opportunities to grow. Continued strong market growth presents opportunities for U.S. companies as Vietnam makes large investments in airport construction and upgrades, aircraft fleet expansion, air traffic service enhancements, aircraft maintenance and overhaul capacity and service development. Aviation is one of the top priority sectors for development by the government of Vietnam as it is critical to the country’s economic growth. The aviation sector is overseen and managed by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV), which reports to Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport.

Educational exchange is a cornerstone of the U.S. bilateral relationship with Vietnam as a top prospect opportunity for U.S. educational institutions. In the 2015/16 academic year, Vietnam topped Southeast Asia in students studying in the United States: 21,403, up 14.3% from the previous year. This figure is also the sixth highest among countries which have students in the United States.

The mutual understanding between the two countries’ students will play a key role in the process of expanding our bilateral relations and consolidating our comprehensive cooperation.However, competition will continue to grow as globalization creates more opportunities for study elsewhere.

Competitors in Asia (including Australia and Singapore) promote proximity, affordable costs, and the possibility of post-graduation employment. Currently, there are 234 universities and 185 colleges operating in Vietnam. Vietnamese universities have room for only about 600,000 students of the over 1.8 million candidates who took the university/college entrance exams.A significant increase in per ca-pita income in the past ten years, the robust expansion of both the manufacturing and services sectors, and the value Vietnamese families traditionally place on education are creating substantial opportunities.

With more than 50 percent of Vietnam’s population under the age of 30, developing a well-trained labor force is crucial. Education and training are top priorities for the government, which needs to equip the labor force with scientific, technological, and management skills. As new industries expand, a university degree is increasingly essential for young Vietnamese workers searching for higher paying jobs in newly emerging industries. The government has acknowledged that the current education system is unable to meet the demand. Opportunities for higher education are limited since the system can accommodate only a fraction of those seeking admission. Although the number of university students has doubled since 1990, the number of professors remains virtually unchanged. Furthermore, a large percentage of university graduates cannot find jobs in their perspective fields (or at all) without further training, demonstrating a need for a more practical and effective education. Thus, many Vietnamese students are looking for education opportunities outside of Vietnam.

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