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Business Education

Computer and Information Technology 

Plus Digital Marketing and Career Development

A six-month program Five days a week four hours. The internship will begin on Aug 1st through Jan 31, 2020

  • Education In Social Science

  • Business Education Online Marketing and Office Technologies

  • Business Education Career Developments and Trends

  • Modern-day Social Studies Professionalism Profile Development


Available Two to three Vietnamese graduates or per- graduate. Certificate first come first serve and must have an intermediate English level IELTS 5.0

The Intern certificate is a valid professional certificate that entitles the holder to fill a full-time professional position. An Intern certified individual is entitled to all rights and privileges of a temporary professional employee as defined by law. The current regulation states that an Intern certificate qualifies the holder to hold a full-time professional position in the certification endorsement area in business administration and office technologies.

The Intern certificate is issued for a period not to exceed three calendar years and qualifies the holder to perform all the duties, functions, and responsibilities of the certification areas for which it is endorsed. Its validity begins the month of issuance and lapses 36 months later whether or not the holder has been continuously employed on the Intern certificate by an employer. This certificate can only be issued once, and under no circumstances can this certificate be renewed. The validity of the Intern certificate, whether issued for general education areas regularly endorsed on instructional certificates or for vocational education areas, is contingent upon (a) the holder is rendering satisfactory service to the employing entity, and (b) maintaining continuous enrollment and making satisfactory progress with the intern program.


Ms.Trinh Huynh

Company Representative

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 

Amy Mia Nhat Ahn 2020 Hutech (4).JPG

Ms. Amy Mai

 Technical Service Representative 

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 


Developing intentional learning objective goals that are Structured into the experience and supervised by a professional with a relevant and related background in the field.

 Promotes academic, career, and/or personal development.

 includes learning objectives, observation, reflection, and evaluation.

 balances the intern's learning goals with the organization's needs.

 lasts three months. Part‐time

 Involves industry-related and soft skill development.

 Is carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit.

 Provides adequate supervision in a reasonably safe environment with the necessary tools to perform the learning goals agreed upon for the duration of the internship

Meet The Instructors

Edward Swisshelm

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From California USA Instructor

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Six-month certificate program for Five days a week. Monday through Friday

María Angelica  

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Educational Psychology/Teacher

 Online Support 


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