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 Edward Swisshelm 

Is Founder and President Executive Director at Innovations and Technical Services Foundation.  At Innovation and Technical Services Edward works with the organization's strategic growth, partnership development, and oversees its talented and passionate staff. He is a California native and has worked internationally most of his adult life. ( US Army alums) 


Edward is engaged with various community organizations throughout California and Vietnam. He serves on the board of directors at Innovation and Technical Services a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation nonprofit organization and works with many international students preparing them for a new life experience in the USA. 


Previously Edward traveled throughout Southeast Asia as a Teacher and Education Counselor for students at all grade levels. A leader and a voice for progressive change in Vietnam.


Edward in 2014 began research and project development for soon to be a Private Foundation in support of education. Additionally, he is a graduate in 1989 class of the United States Army warfare Academy ( Senior Systems Engineer ) and a graduate of Fullerton College 2005 ( Communications) beyond Edwards professional work he is a dedicated supporter of children at risk and is a lover of the outdoors, playing tennis and softball.


Edward can be reached by appointment only at Innovation and Technical Services

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